Circle Time Training

Yvonne has written a variety of books linked to Behaviour Management and Circle Time. She speaks locally and nationally on Community Cohesion.

Yvonne leads enthusiastic, energetic and inspirational Circle Time sessions across the North West, they are enhanced by demonstration lessons with children from Foundation Stage to Year 6. Yvonne also demonstrates how to lead a Dream Journey Assembly, which is a creative visualisation for children, similar to a meditation. School visitors and Ofsted have rated the Dream Journeys and calming techniques as outstanding.

Objectives for the Circle Time sessions

  1. To be inspired and have fun!
  2. To enhance confidence, communication and co-operation skills.
  3. To enable participants to feel confident in approaching well planned circle time activities to support the integrated curriculum.
  4. To observe demonstration Circle Time lessons and dream journey sessions.
  5. To discuss and look at models of systematic planning from Foundation Stages to Year 6 to fit in with Citizenship, ECM and SEAL/SEBS materials.
  6. To enhance Speaking and Listening within the Literacy curriculum, by developing confident and enthusiastic pupils, with a strong emphasis on the development of pupil voice.
  7. To use the Creative Arts to enhance Circle Time by adapting music, rhythm and dance to create pace, excitement and motivation.
  8. To link the sessions, where appropriate, to effective Community Cohesion between schools and within the local, national and global communities.
  9. To enable participants to use circle time and dream journeys to support Behaviour Management techniques throughout the school and also calming techniques for pupils.

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  • “Starfly is a delightful book, full of appealing characters, boisterous humour and an exciting story line, enhanced by bright original illustrations.” — Gervase Phinn

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