Full Day Training

Typically day sessions are demonstration lessons with children.

  • As many staff as you wish to observe or join in (no more than 3 to join the circle).
  • Hall needed or gym for all sessions.
  • Interactive Whiteboard needed also and needs to be ready set with screen by 8.15 a.m.

All the following sessions would be led by Yvonne Weatherhead. A typical day session would be:

9.10-9.45 a.m. Dream Journey
10.00-10.30 a.m. Year 3 Circle time session (all these class sessions up to 30 pupils)
10.30-10.50 a.m. Break
10.50-11.20 a.m. Year 1 Circle time session (30 pupils)
11.30-12.00 a.m. Year 2 Circle time session (30 pupils)
12.00-1.15 a.m. Lunch and setting up of next session
1.15-2.00 a.m. Year 4 Circle time
2.15-2.45 a.m. Crossing the River game Reception class 12 or 16 pupils only

Rates for day session £800 (but don’t forget as many staff as you wish may observe). This includes doubling up with another school to observe in suitable age groups so you can share the cost. Twilight sessions, however, must be for one school staff only because of numbers in group and therefore they may be delivered twice if two schools are sharing observations). If you are a large school with 2 forms or more of entry, the programme above can be delivered over 2 days at £800 a day session.

Some schools like follow up with an additional session on working with planning effective lessons and staff ‘having a go’ at their own session planned. This session is led by Yvonne in the morning in the form of a workshop. In the afternoon, each planned lesson will be led by individual staff and observed by Yvonne with detailed feedback given to staff at the end of each session. These are also £800 a day session.

CONTACT US to discuss your specific requirements in more detail.

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