Our Services

Weatherhead Projects Ltd. are available to work with individuals or groups of any size. Rod and Yvonne deliver a range of training, coaching, facilitating and school improvement support services. Individually they are available to provide school improvement services to primary schools in a range of differing contexts, including schools working in challenging circumstances.

Weatherhead Projects Ltd works with school leaders of all levels of responsibility and experience. Rod and Yvonne have developed their facilitation, coaching, training and school improvement support skills to high professional standards. As an accredited school improvement partner (SIP) and local authority link advisor Rod has extensive experience of working with primary school leaders to raise achievement. Yvonne has similar experience through her work as a local leader of education (LLE) with school leaders. You can read more about these services at school improvement services.

Rod and Yvonne regularly deliver training in leadership skills to conferences of senior leaders, middle leaders, aspiring leaders and senior support staff. Themes have included emotional intelligence, team development, creative leadership, effective communication and accountability.

Yvonne has for many years delivered training in circle time, literacy skills, behaviour management and community cohesion to audiences of all sizes across the North of England. She has delivered training to audiences of headteachers, teachers and teaching assistants. She has addressed a national Community Cohesion Conference in London with an audience of over five hundred educational professionals. Weatherhead Projects offer a range of Circle Time sessions for children from Foundation Stage up to Year 6. You can read more about the Circle Time services we offer here.

As an experienced advisor and SIP Rod is able to support primary school governors in conducting annual management reviews of headteachers’ performance. He has many years of experience of this role. As an accredited coach Rod is able to provide coaching to school leaders.

Weatherhead Projects charge reasonable fees that recognise the limited financial resources available to primary schools. Fees for services provided by Weatherhead Projects Ltd are dependent on the time needed to deliver the service, the type of service required, the size of audience and the amount of preparation and planning required. For information on fees or to discuss your requirements please contact us.

  • “This book represents an excellent addition to any busy teacher’s collection. Devotees of Circle Time strategies will find a wealth of new approaches between it’s covers whilst newcomers will find it an invaluable introduction.” — Alan Peat, International Education Consultant

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