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The Learning Walk

The Learning Walk is a series of posters for Key Stage 2 children. The idea of a learning walk is to display a series of posters, ideally in a corridor, so the children walk past them every day. The posters are based on the Personal, Social and Health Education Curriculum and have strong links with the Every Child Matters agenda. Within early Key Stage 2 the posters are connected with the statements of the ECM agenda, and raise a number of questions around the posters, that the children become engaged in on a day to day basis.

The upper Key Stage 2 Learning Walk is different in that at the beginning of each term, a set of positive statements are given to the children to discuss. There are 20 positive statements and these 20 statements will be introduced as a whole but then one statement will become the focus for a fortnight, throughout the year (with two extra to use as desired).

  • “This book represents an excellent addition to any busy teacher’s collection. Devotees of Circle Time strategies will find a wealth of new approaches between it’s covers whilst newcomers will find it an invaluable introduction.” — Alan Peat, International Education Consultant

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