Creative Circle Time Lessons

(Price: £29.99 Publisher: Sage Publications Ltd ISBN: 978-1-4129-3533-3)

This creative book uses music, song, poetry and a host of practical ideas to engage children in Circle Time activities. The publication stems from Yvonne’s own work in schools where 26 alphabetical themes have been centralised around a loveable bear character.

There are four themes in the book which are linked to the social skills curriculum.

- self esteem

- relationships

- communications

- spiritual and moral development

These strands are developed through the 26 themes from ‘Adorable’ bear to ‘Zig Zag’ bear with a weekly introduction of a new rhythm to accompany the poem. For each theme there is comprehensive notes for teachers with lots of ideas on the content of each theme.

The DVD-ROM contains all 26 poems and songs, recited or sung by children. The DVD-ROM also includes printable posters and positive thought sheets.

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  • “This book represents an excellent addition to any busy teacher’s collection. Devotees of Circle Time strategies will find a wealth of new approaches between it’s covers whilst newcomers will find it an invaluable introduction.” — Alan Peat, International Education Consultant

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